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ORGlife Healthcare

ORGlife Healthcare is established in July 2018, is into the field of providing home healthcare services in Mumbai Maharashtra, with more than 1000 Registered Caretakers on Role, 500 Registered Nurses, and 5 physiotherapists working with the organization and delivering services.

ORGlife Healthcare is also performing in the field of Telemedicine / Online Doctor Consultations with our website https://getwellnow.in where patients can book appointment with the doctors of their choice & desired speciality and can have video consultation done from the comfort of their own home.

ORGlife wellness is the division of ORGlife Healthcare engaged into managing lifestyle related diseases and disorders through diet and lifestyle modification and consultations. We have more than 100 qualified nutritionists spread across India.






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ORGlife Wellness

Purpose of our Existance


To create awareness about lifestyle related diseases & disorders among the people of India and make India free from Lifestyle disorders


To bring out the positive healthy difference in life of at least 25000 people of India every year

What We Do for Healthy Nutrition?

Now a days, there is lot of buzz about nutrition and lifestyle management for lifestyle related disorders, and every other person is trying to give diet suggestions, selling weight loss and weight gain plans etc. Even people are consuming supplements like anything never before which is causing adverse effects on their health instead of giving desired positive effect. We have seen increasing number of cases of heart failure during workouts, exercises, playing or at workplace in recent days. This could be possibly due to lack of knowing

Conditions We talk about?

Our qualified nutritionists / health coach / fitness coach will guide you / help you to reduce symptoms, and improve your health condition & sense of wellbeing. Our team of experts will provide you proper diet charts & suggest lifestyle modification & exercises, will keep follow up, monitoring and regular assessments of outcome during your recovery period. We have a team of 100 + Dieticians & Nutritionists spread across the country, who will provide you support in multiple languages, no matter in which part of the India you are staying in. There are multiple conditions we provide consultation like