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Our Mission Is to Get You Results Giving Healthy & Happy Lifestyle!

ORGlife Healthcare’s Wellness programs are designed for the people of India with a aim to create awareness about lifestyle related disorders & non communicable diseases (NCD’s) & manage them through lifestyle and diet modification, which are growing at an alarming rate with an average age of onset falling sharply among the citizens of India.
“It is observed in India, NCDs start to develope at the age of 18 years and show a quantum leap when an individual crosses the age of 35 years. Hypertension, digestive diseases and diabetes are among the top three most prevalent NCDs; Cancer is the least prevalent,” 
More than two-thirds of individuals suffering from NCDs are in the most productive life age group, i.e between 26 and 59 years.
Environmental factors are the biggest cause of NCDs, followed by inactive lifestyle and imbalanced diet; intoxication (alcohol and tobacco consumption). 


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What We Offer For Good Health?

We Offer Complete Fitness Plan, A Blend Of Diet, Yoga, Exercise, Lifestyle Monitoring Through Out Your Recovery Process To Help You Get Relived From The Symptoms

Pregnancy Nutrtion

Pre & Post Natal Food Planning through your preganancy period to healthy baby and your health concerns

Weight Management

Obesity Management, Be it overweight or underweight, it is always a concern to stay in shape

Sports Nutrition

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Management of Lifestyle Disorders

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We Belive in Healthy Eating, Regular Workouts and Sound Sleep

To ensure the best outcome of the treatement plan we have designed three programs based on your health condition and severity of symptoms

Diet Modifications

This program focuses on your dietary changes to improve your health and report findings.
Benefical for conditions like Diabetes, Kidney Diseases, Weight Gain etc.

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Diet + Yoga

This program not only offers you dietary changes but also focuses on your emotional wellbeing through Yoga to improve your Health, Mental Peace and report findings.
Beneficial for conditions like Insomnia, Hypertension, IBD, Heart Diseses, Gastrointestinal disorders, Pregnancy and Mood swings etc.

Diet + Yoga + Fitness

This program is specially designed to ensure your physical activity along with your psycho emotional wellbeing and diet modifications to keep you completely fit and fine.
Beneficial for conditions of Increased Cholesterol, Obesity, PCOD, Diabetes